Tips for Dealing with Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are becoming a reality of everyday life. A few weeks ago, many countries in South America woke up to an earthquake that began in Peru.

Chile has been experiencing wildfires that are increasing with intensity due to climate change.

Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay have also dealt with significant flooding.

As disasters become worse and more widespread, managers should ask themselves: Are my employees prepared to manage an emergency situation? Do we have the policies setup that can be easily followed by guests and employees should something happen?

In the article, Proactive Disaster Tips for Hotels and Resorts,  blogger Kacey Bradley suggests the following steps:

  1. Complete a risk assessment
  2. Prepare a means of communication
  3. Prepare for staffing issues
  4. Have a public relations plan

Each step is explained in detail in her article which you can read  here.

Interesting Vocabulary:



Risk Assessment


Public Relations

Questions for Understanding:

Are natural disasters increasing or decreasing?

What are the suggested steps you can suggest for your hotel?

Questions for Action

Communication is essential for handling any situations. What protocols are in place to ensure your employees can help international guests in these situations?

What could be the result of failure to prepare?