Do you have any suggestions?

Customer Dialogue 1

Sabrina is a hotel receptionist. The Clarkes are staying at her hotel for a week for the first time. Read their conversation.

Mr. Clarke – Good Morning.

Sabrina – Hello. How are you?

Mr. Clarke – Fine Thanks. Today we’re thinking of doing a tour.

Sabrina – Oh, enjoy your day.

Mrs. Clarke – Do you have any suggestions?

Sabrina – There are lots of interesting places in town.

Mr. Clarke-Okay…and for lunch. We really want something special.

Sabrina- There are also restaurants in the plaza.

Mr. Clarke – Well all right then…..

Questions for Reflection:

How do you think the Clarkes felt?

How would the Clarkes rate Sabrina’s service?

What specific information did she give them?

Do you think the Clarkes will ask her for help in the future?

Let’s give Sabrina another chance.

Sabrina – Good Morning Mr. & Mrs. Clarke, how are you?

Mrs. Clarke – We are well, thank you.

Mr. Clarke – We are thinking of taking a tour.

Sabrina- Really? That’s great. Do you have a particular one in mind?

Mrs. Clarke – Not really. We heard there were some cool ruins not too far from town.

Sabrina – That is true. They are close, but you know, you may enjoy it more with a tour guide….

Mrs. Clarke – Guides are available?

Sabrina – Yes, both private and in groups. It’s a bit late to schedule one today but I can schedule one for tomorrow morning.

Mr. Clarke- Hmmmm, but that still leaves us with today.

Sabrina – Well, in the plaza about 8 blocks from here, there are many great shops and restaurants you could visit. Also we have our massage specials. I could book you one for this later today when you return. You can have a relaxing day today and venture out tomorrow.

Mrs. Clarke- A massage sounds awesome…

Questions for Review:

How did Sabrina help the Clarkes?

How was the guest experience improved?

How did Sabrina help her company?

Vocabulary Pointers – Always remember that we use There is and There are when describing places. 

Functional Language and Phrasing

  • Do you have one in mind?
  • You may enjoy this more…
  • We could schedule it later.
  • to venture out – to go somewhere, usually a place you haven’t visited before
  • to schedule – to arrange plans

Additional Thoughts

  1. Take the initiative to speak to the client.
  2. Be knowledgeable about any specials or deals your hotel or restaurant is currently offering.
  3. International guests often expect help with planning their itinerary. Don’t be afraid to engage them by asking questions.
  4. Always have alternative ideas available.