Benefits of Our Program

Online Private Courses

Each class is a private 1 to 1 session to achieve faster results. We use an online platform to reach your employees anytime anywhere.

English for Professionals

Our courses are developed especially for business situations in the hospitality industry. The exercises are based upon real scenarios your employees encounter everyday.

Easy Scheduling

We’ve designed our sessions to maximize time. Students have two sessions each week with their private teacher.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are industry professionals who have the experience necessary to help your employees achieve both their goals and the goals of your company.

Getting Started is Easy!

Free Consultation 

Please take 2 minutes and complete this form. Afterwards, we will contact you for a time to discuss your company needs. Then we will create a proposal with specific recommendations for helping you reach your goals.

Discussion and Proposal

 This process allows us to determine your needs and then create a communication learning strategy based upon the goals of your company and the needs of your employees.

Student/Employee Onboarding

After we agree upon the needs for your company and determine that you would like us to join your team, we begin the student/employee onboarding process. You will receive a welcoming packet that will include information for your entire team to help them transition into training.  This process will take 2 weeks.

Classes Begin

As your first sessions begin, you will start to notice the excitement amongst your employees for a new opportunity to learn and expand their skills to meet and exceed the expectations of your clients and the company. ….

Are You Ready?

Take the first step towards improved communication skills which will allow your employees to deliver Exceptional Service EVERYTIME!

Questions About Our Program

How Many Classes Per Week for Each Employee?

Each course is setup for 5 sessions per week. Two sessions are with your assigned private teacher who works closely with each student to ensure success. The other three sessions are self-study and monitored by the teacher who is available for questions or additional guidance.

If you need conversational sessions only, we  can provide 1-3 sessions per week depending upon your company goals. For example, managers who have an advanced level of English could benefit from one longer session each week for continued development and refinement.

How Is Your Program Different?

We are different for a few reasons:

  • Your employees will receive actual English classes not tutoring sessions. Tutoring is when someone corrects you if you are wrong but they don’t add additional information or help you advance in an organized fashion.
  • Our curriculum is based upon English for Specific Purposes. What does that mean? We focus on teaching them what they need to know. We realize that certain types of vocabulary just isn’t relevant for employees.
  • Your goals are our goals. We listen to your goals for your company and align our program to suit your needs.

How Long Does It Take to Get Started?

Once your receive your proposal and have agreed to begin, there is a two week onboarding process. During this time, we determine the best teacher to meet your needs, inform your employees of the upcoming program, setup schedules and other necessary details to ensure that our program seamlessly integrates with your current training program. All students are enrolled in Foundations 101 for the first month to allow them to acclimate to their teacher, ensure the scheduling meets their needs, and establish their levels and goals. We also spend this time helping them review and refine their current English level and any concepts they may have forgotten.

We have a new menu/amentities etc. Can You Develop Exclusive Courses?

Short answer: Yes. Our teachers work closely with our clients to ensure all their language training needs are met. If you have specific policies, procedures, menus, tour packages etc. for your employees, you can submit a request for a consultation. We will develop an exclusive course for your company and integrate it with your current program of study.

What are the Payment Options?

Our educational package is sold in monthly increments of three months (3), six months (6) or one year (12 months). Invoices are received by email through Paypal to be paid by debit or credit card. You can also make arrangements for a direct bank deposit if you desire. Payment must be received before the onboarding process can begin.

Agreements for six months and one year both receive a discount. Please inquire for more details.

Your first step is your free consultation.